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Liberal Democrat MP admits drinking instant Coffee

By Editor 0 Comment July 24, 2019

“I tried instant coffee in my youth, but did not swallow” Confesses Lib Dem MP

Shock as Conservative Leadership Frontrunner is White Van Man

By Editor 0 Comment June 3, 2019

Can white van man save Conservatives and deliver Brexit?

Labour Brexit Decision Finally Finalised – and that’s Final

By Editor 0 Comment May 28, 2019

Labour blow away Brexit doubters with brand new policy

Girls Football is for Girls say Girls!

By Editor 0 Comment May 21, 2019

Who doesn’t like football and girls, apart from some men and most girls, but The Fakeham Herold prints story anyway.

Underacheiving Klop and Gardeola to be sacked

By Editor 0 Comment May 18, 2019

The Daily Spoof gets shock update from the English Premier Leagues electric fencing.

Meteorolistists in Panic over Tabloid Weather Predictions

By Editor 0 Comment May 13, 2019

Floods, rain and possible light frogs expected from south west.

Pochettino to drop Lloris as Kane returns

By Editor 0 Comment May 11, 2019

The latest training camp news reveals suprising tactics from both sides

Comedians To March In Dual Protest at Trump and Brexit

By Editor 0 Comment May 11, 2019

The Daily Spoofs latest comedy story. The laughter ends here.

Lawer’s £200 Billion Claim in Latest Competency Scandal

By Editor 0 Comment May 11, 2019

The Daily Spoof’s latest ex-posy because you count and we can’t spell expose.

MP’s to secretly Trial Far Right “Trump” Policy

By Editor 0 Comment May 8, 2019

The Daily Spoof goes undercover to get some sleep. Then wakes up, gets out of bed and does some work.

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