Comedians To March In Dual Protest at Trump and Brexit

Comedians To March In Dual Protest at Trump and Brexit

By Editor 0 Comment May 11, 2019

Thousands of members of the comedy circuit are expected to turn out to protest against Trump and Brexit when he visits the UK next month. The protest led by members of the comedy circuit from BBC, ITV and several independent channels including Dave have simply had enough.

Betrayal, Betrayal, Betrayal.

The Fakeham Herald agreed to meet the organisers of ‘Bretrumpxit’. A name chosen because they could not think of a funny one. A fitting irony to the reasons behind the protest.

“We used to love Trump and Brexit, but then it got too much. There was just too much material, too much satire. You could write enough material to fill several hours. It became a monster. Reducing the material, deciding what to leave out. We just started to burn out. We might have survived if one had just come along on its own, But both Bexit and Trump at once was just…”

At this point, he simply broke down and was consoled by his fellow comics. There was a pause as the group consolidated their thoughts, then suddenly a multi-million bafta award-winning national treasure blurted

“But it was worse than that. The worst was yet to come.”

Indeed it was. What you are about to hear is shocking, more shocking than a shocking thing that’s shocking to socks off of Shock Jockeys who aren’t shocked by the most shocking of shocking shockers. Mr Bafta continued..

“They then started writing the jokes themselves, I mean not quite jokes, but when they are so so so so awful and the responses, the tweets, oh the tweets, and the actions that were so pathetic there…. there was just nowhere for the comedy to go. “

Wigs like this are often forgotten in society. We should remember that Trump has given one poor defenceless & disfigured toupee a good home for many years.

Unions Involvement Imminent

The Fakeham Herald has learnt that Equity is considering suing the main UK political parties and Trump for performing and writing world-beating comedy for free, undermining the comedy industry on both sides of the Atlantic. They believe that this is an attempt to wipe out the satirical comedy circuit that has been a thorn in the side of those in power for so long.

“We can scientifically prove that this is a deliberate and targeted attack by UK MP’s and the Trump administration on the comedy industry. I mean statistically, you just can’t have that many incompetent people in the same place at the same time. “

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