Girls Football is for Girls say Girls!

Girls Football is for Girls say Girls!

By Editor 0 Comment May 21, 2019

Let’s face facts, the women’s game is just not at the same level as men’s football. Why when many Ladies get tackled fairly do they refuse to dive? Some say that this is because the girls game is played in the true spirit of this beloved pastime, others cruelly say it’s because they don’t want to get their shirts dirty. The Fakeham Herold once again asked the questions that did not need to be asked.

It is a fact that male brains have more neurons than female brains per cubic inch. Thus males are intellectually more dense

“these so called football players are refusing to pull shirts, elbow each other in the face or spit at each other. They don’t roll around hold their faces in agony if the ball hits them on the knee, don’t try to get their opponents sent off, nothing. Honestly have they ever watched a football match.”

“It’s a disgrace, I mean if your in or around the box then it’s your duty to
go down if a player gets to within six feet of you, even if its raining and a bit muddy”

Refs appalled by Female Football attitudes

Female officials have noticed a difference in the abuse they get from refereeing male and female teams. They are considering legal action over the levels of abuse. Although strike action is not on the table at the moment it’s obvious that foul aggressive language and physical threats of violence are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum depending on the players gender. If one sex can’t meet the standards society sets, then should they be allowed to play at all?

“I became a female ref for the abuse, not so that I could officiate a good fair game of football. I see the male ref’s being surrounded by aggressive overpaid players screaming and shouting in their faces. Even when it’s obvious to all what happened, and I think… Why can’t that be me?”

“I can honestly say that in my entire career, I have never had an invisible yellow card held up in my face. That’s hard to take, honestly, a lot of us are just thinking of leaving the sport altogether.”


Sexism is an ugly word and experiments have been done with both male and female refs. It seems that female football players are kind to all refs regardless of gender. We bought our findings to the Ladies football Federation who issued the following statement

Female football players can wash, dry and hang up their own kit. Is it this control over all aspects of the game that male players and supporters find so threatening?

“We are aware of the situation and are in consultation with the Men’s game to see how we can change. Anger non-management courses, bringing in experts from other sporting disciplines. John McEnroe who was an expert in emotional outbursts towards tennis officials and World champion diver Tom Daily are just two of the options we are exploring”

Phillip Nevill ‘disgusting’

Concerns are being raised that this is now influencing male support staff around female teams. In a recent England v Wales match England manager Phil Nevil stepped onto the pitch in a disgraceful display of showing kindness to an opposing player. In agony with cramp, Phil assisted to allow a fellow elite athlete a chance to recover. This would never happen in the men’s game, the fact that Phil thought it appropriate in the female sport is just plain sexist.

“I have never seen a football game like it. I thought I might give the Ladies game a try as the tickets are affordable, I could take the whole family, kids and that. I had a chat with my kids for about an hour, and again during the car journey about not copying any of the bad language or racist chanting, but there wasn’t any. That’s over an hour of parental guidance that was just wasted. Thanks to women’s football that’s an hour of my life I will never get back.”

So with the women’s world cup well underway can the women’s game get away from its ever-improving image of speed, skill and fluid play making? From what we have seen so far this looks increasingly unlikely.

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