Labour Brexit Decision Finally Finalised – and that’s Final

Labour Brexit Decision Finally Finalised – and that’s Final

By Editor 0 Comment May 28, 2019

The Fakeham Herald has inside information that the leadership of the Labour party are about to make the biggest change in their Brexit policy for over three years. With the conservatives crumbling this is the perfect time for the opposition party to pounce.

Other parties panic over new Labour Brexit policy.

“This was a real shock to not only myself but my other MP’s. We did not think Labour had a policy on Europe. And I’m a Labour MP”

We asked how they had managed to vote with any conscience on EU matters in the house

“Oh, that’s easy we watch which door most Tories go through and do the opposite. It’s worked everytime in the past, so why would it not work for Brexit?”

As news of the latest opinion polls came through, rumours of top-secret meetings in dark cabinet halls and shadowy corridors started to circulate. Was this a coup? Was this sinister? Were big changes afoot? And this from a party that prides itself on being so transparent you can actually see it has no backbone.

“yes the corridors were dark and shadowy, but we deny a conspiracy. We just did not have the right coins for the meter”

After a full seven hours of debate, a top shadow minister pulled a Fakeham Herald reporter to one side to exclusively pass on details on this groundbreaking new policy.

“We are attempting something new, something different. It’s quite scary, but these are times when great politicians step forward to rescue our great nation from the depths. The Labour party are going to attempt, to make a decision”

For people with heart complaints, here is a nice calm picture of geese with their chicks.

Can the grassroots support this watershed moment?

This has come as a bolt out of the blue for other parties at Westminster and indeed throughout the EU. But what about the grassroots labour voter, the real people who vote year in and year out, loyal to vote labour because their fathers and grandfathers voted labour before them regardless of policy or ideology.

“We were proud to support labours ideal of seeing what the results pulled in, then seeing if there was a general election or not, and maybe having a peoples vote, or not, should things go a certain way, or not. What way that was going to go I am not too sure about. However, they did give a vague feeling of having a general direction of travel that seemed to perhaps be leading them towards making a decision at some point.

Of that I am certain”

What? Where? When? Why?

Are all words beginning in ‘W‘. But what about the grand decision about Brexit. At the moment our sources say that this is yet to be decided. We asked when this would take place, what was the deadline for this momentous final decision? When would the nation know? We finally got a definite response. The Fakeham Herald can reveal it will be made on Wednesday

“Yes that is indeed true; Although which Wednesday has yet to be decided”

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