Pochettino to drop Lloris as Kane returns

Pochettino to drop Lloris as Kane returns

By Editor 0 Comment May 11, 2019

World cup winning French keeper Hugo Lloris will not start in goal for this years champions league according to The Fakeham Heralds man inside Spurs training ground. Pochettino the Tottenham manager is expected to be trialing a new system to counteract the incredible results that the competition has provided over the last few weeks.

With Liverpool having an amazing comeback against Barcelona, Spurs doing the same against Ajax and Man City, plus the events around Man United overhauling a deficit against PSG the unorthodox top man at the new White Hart Lane is going all out with a new system.

Liverpool Legend Bought in for Special Training

Meanwhile, reports are coming in that Jamie Carragher is sharing his special defensive skills with not only defenders but also any player that may find himself inside the Liverpool box defending against their north London rivals. Jurgen Klopp, (or clippity as he is known to the Anfield faithful) is fully behind this new initiative.

Bamboo Cane is worth about £2.50 a bundle. Harry Kane is worth about £80 million. The letter K is now officially the most expensive letter in the alphabet.

But back to the news of dropping the number 1, number 1 from the Spurs team. With Kane expected to be fit The Fakeham Herald has learned that he will be replacing Lloris between the sticks. Kane has replaced the injured keeper in a premier league game before.

Pochettino stated.

“Let’s face it, we need all our best players on the pitch. Harry and Hugo are two of our biggest players, so if Kane takes Lois’s place then it’s only fair that Hugo starts at number 9″

So are there any other changes in the pipeline?

“Well perhaps Son and Erickson starting in central defence and Alli at left back but we have to see if Winx is fit enough to play a holding midfield position, although to protect his injury he may play this essential role hugging the far right touchline. Of course, we will be changing it round in the second half”

We asked the backroom staff in mersyside if they were aware of the possible changes.

“Yes, we are aware. Planning for Salah to counter Hugo playing left side defence but other than that we don’t see any other positional changes”

But what, we asked about the Carragher training?

Well, its no secret, Carragher was a fantastic player for Liverpool, but one of the records most do not know is that Jamie’s second in the 1st division and premier league listings for own goals. OK, this is only 7 during his illustrious career but at this level its a fine line between success and failure. At the moment he is training the lads on how to wildly slice a cross made by an attacking team, mistiming a tackle, that sort of thing. Our players aren’t used to that, it’s taking a while and we only have a few days left. I have to admit it’s a gamble

This is a new football pitch. You can tell it’s new because they have not sawn the extra bits off the top of the goals yet.

Fear of success now the driving factor

We asked several former players why such unorthodox methods were being employed by both managers. The consensus can be summed up by the following statement

“Both managers are trying to prevent the same thing, the recent results have been amazing and although they are using different methods there is one thing they definatly agree. In these crazy times, the worst possible outcome would be winning 3-0 at halftime.”

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