Underacheiving Klop and Gardeola to be sacked

Underacheiving Klop and Gardeola to be sacked

By Editor 0 Comment May 18, 2019

Jurgen Klopp and Pepe Guardiola are to be sacked in the coming weeks after failing to reach their clubs expectations. Pausing only to finish his pie and chips, down a few pints and smoke a fag, the Fakeham Herold’s Health, Fitness and Sports correspondent rushed to the Liverpool and Man City canteens to find out more.

We can now reveal that new head coaches could be in place as early as Monday, with both current managers of the top two premier league clubs set to meet with their respective chairmen over the coming weekend.

It’s just not good enough

Earlier in the season, Pepe’s team had the possibility of winning four pieces of silverware. But Spurs who decided to spend millions of their money on beer glasses that filled from the bottom instead of actual football players knocked them from the champions league. We spoke to a top Man City board member about their recent domestic trophy treble.

“We wanted 8 trophies this year, That was the target. Ok, you may say that you can’t win 8 competitions as they simply do not exist, and I would say this club is built on a desire of the impossible. If you want to be a failure then take that looser attitude but our fans deserve more.”

His job might have been safe with just four trophies. Three is a disgrace.”

The Liverpool board are also reported to be extremely disappointed by the results this year, especially with the premiership points tally.

Tables like this can be bought in local shops. Football tables can’t be bought, unless your PSG.

“Yes, we would have won the league in any other year, but that’s not the point. Jurgen and the lads did not achieve. We wanted 100 points plus this year increasing to over 115 next year. Klopp just can’t mathematically give that to us. I mean we only play 38 games, so that’s 114 points maximum in a season, where will he get the other points from? Where will he get this extra game? He just can’t deliver the high expectation we need.”

“Oh and as for winning the champions league, we already had five of those, it’s time to move on, try something new”

No longer a fit with the modern game.

With some teams spending millions on new leadership each year, many are starting to ask why these two managers are staying so long. The days of Wenger and Ferguson are history. Today’s modern club should surely be all about replacing their manager each season, perhaps even sacking two or three. That’s been a proven way to keep teams from relegation. The fear is that next season both Manchester City and Liverpool may become championship fodder if they do not move with the times. We asked a top football business expert what he felt about the way these once great clubs are being run.

“Just relying on the best players, training and tactics is not enough in the modern game. Sacking managers on a monthly or even weekly basis is where it’s at, and these two top teams, just do not seem to get it.”

Football (or soccer) is played in every country in the world, the only exception being Scotland.

Experience and Track Record is what counts

So with the managers set to leave their respective clubs, who could be reliable, capable of managing the top players and their egos? Has a track record of bringing in top players whilst promoting talent from homegrown youth? In a world exclusive, The Fakeham Herold can reveal that discussions have already taken place, contracts have been drawn up with just the final two signatures to be added.

Its got to be Klopp for Manchester City, I mean look what he’s done at Liverpool this year.

You can’t fault our new man’s desire and record. 100% he’s the best manager in football at this time. We’re going all out to bring Pepe to Anfield.

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